"A hero remembered never dies."
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Gallery Military Vocational Family Tributes Community Religious Custom Displays Pen Sets International About US About US “We’ve been buying medallions for the past couple of years from Hero Medallions and recognize that they provide the nicest looking and unique medallions in the industry. We buy military medallions as well as numerous others that fit our families needs”. – DJ Bott, Bott and Sons Monument  Hero Medallions is based in Orem, Utah and is a subsidiary of Wayne Scholle Marketing. The owner, Wayne Scholle, has been a marketing professional/consultant for more than thirty years. He has consulted with national and international businesses and helped these companies to achieve leader-dominant positions within their industries. More recently, Wayne was the marketing director for a startup gold and silver bullion mint that became one of the United States largest 10 private minting operations.

             Wayne Scholle is the father of seven children and intends to grow this company into a successful multi-generational operation.


             Hero Medallions includes medallions that are intended to pay a final and lasting tribute to a loved one. The primary applications of the medallions include mounting them or recessing them onto the surface of a headstone, monument, or urn. In addition, they can be given as tributes or expressions of appreciation to those being honored.


             Secondary applications include placing them on or near the casket at the time of the service or placing the medallion (larger size of four inch is best) near the registration book.


             Tertiary applications involve using the medallions as a key component in the marketing efforts of monument companies, funeral homes and mortuaries. One such approach would be to use the medallion as a FREE offering to your customers who have a veteran that is being honored. Additionally, the medallion can be given to the family members as a thank you for using your services. Lastly, the medallion can simply be a gift or “calling card” with your contact information engraved on the back and used in cross promotional activities or with your network of contacts.

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